Lamp Repair & Chandeliers

Lamp and Chandelier Restoration Sunlites can restore any type stained glass lamp including original Tiffany lamps and crystal chandelier. Restoration of the pictured antique Baccarat chandelier, includes:
  • Replacement of missing crystals
  • Repair of bent and damaged silver, bronze, brass and leaded frames
  • Matching broken and missing glass
  • Replacing/repairing electric wiring
  • Matching antique patinas
Chandeliers can be delivered to the shop for restoration or Sunlites can come to your site and remove, and upon completion, reinstall. Sunlites restores original L.C.Tiffany Studios stained glass lamps and all other glass and stained glass lamps also. We bend and slump, assemble and install any kind of glass, opalescent or cathedral, colored or clear in custom made lamps, historic antique lamps and chandeliers. The new glass perfectly matches the originals. The reproduction glass can be etched on one or both sides. Metal lamp structures and frames can also be repaired and restored to indistinguishable, original condition here on site at the studio.

Tiffany Lamp Restoration

Custom Bent Glass

Crystal Chandeliers

Original Lamps

Built Into Transom

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