Stained Glass Restoration

Repair and Restoration of All
Types and Styles of Stained Glass
Call us at the studio for detailed information
about your specific restoration project.
  • Antique and historic painted stained glass pieces
  • Leaded, clear and textured glass windows
  • Preservation of historic stained glass
  • Damaged modern stained glass windows
  • Faceted “Dalle de verre' windows
  • Museum quality restoration of broken, damaged, vandalized and deteriorated stained glass
  • Replacement of broken pieces in your windows, on-site at your church, synagogue or building when the overall condition of the window is stable
  • Antique hand painted, vitreous stained glass, and plain textured, clear or colored glass in leaded glass windows
  • Rebuilding of stained glass panels with new leads
  • Flattening and restoring bowed stained glass panels
  • Restoration of jammed and rusted steel ventilator units
  • Replacement and restoration of stained glass frames
  • Repair and restoration of antique glass mosaic
  • Replacement of broken exterior “protective covers' (storm glass)
  • Installation of new clear protective laminated
  • Safety' glass or Lexan™ (polycarbonate sheet plastic)
  • All aspects of faceted glass “Dalle de verre' window restoration
  • Restoration of original Louis C. Tiffany stained glass
Repair and replacement of isolated breakage and damage can be performed on-site at your Church, Temple, building or home.


We can use your old stained glass from storage and adapt them to fit other, new spaces in your church, chapel or rectory by adding new matching stained glass pieces to the sides and tops of your panel, or by cutting down the size of your panels and restoring and adapting the window for new spaces such as doors, regular windows, new openings in walls or other locations.

Sunlites works in the New York City Metro area and is available to work anywhere in the U.S.

All work is performed by full-time, professional conservators at Sunlites Stained Glass who each have over 10 years experience in stained glass restoration. No work is farmed out to subcontractors. Mr. Clark has over 25 years experience in stained glass restoration and conservation and directly supervises all work.

Our painted, stained glass replacement pieces are made with authentic vitreous paints, blended and applied in the 1000 year old traditional method are kiln fired for permanent adhesion, like the originals.

Mr. Clark also specializes in troubleshooting and solving any unusual stained glass problem.

Presentations at Your
Church or Building
Specifically About Your Stained Glass
On-site Restoration Consulting
  • What condition is our stained glass in?
  • When and who made our windows?
  • How were they made? Were they correctly fabricated and installed?
  • What art style is this and what does the artwork mean?
  • Are they in need of restoration work?
  • How long will they remain in stable condition?
  • Is our stained glass valuable or historic?
  • What does restoration involve and is it expensive?
  • Do we need exterior protective covers?
  • What kind of company restores stained glass?
  • Do restoration specialists need to be qualified?
  • What is the appraised value of our stained glass?
Mr. Clark can visit your site, study your stained glass and provide you with a verbal presentation then and there, or provide you with a written restoration consulting assessment covering the condition and needs of your stained glass.

The cost of this service depends on whether the presentation is soley, verbal or if it includes a professional written assessment. Cost covers travel, lodging if applicable, and consulting fee.




Tiffany Restoration

Dalles Restoration

Broken Pieces